About Build America Luxury Homes


When you choose Build America Luxury Homes LLC, we become your partner in you remodeling project. Need a new master suite, master bath or kitchen? Need to convert two rooms into one? Our premium remodeling team is your problem solver, even if you’ve been told you’ll have to live with that old eyesore.

Our Residential Remodel staff includes top craftsman. Kitchen and bathroom remodels remain the most common and popular choice for homeowners in the Tampa Bay area. Basement remodels, and whole-house remodels, which can include any and all portions of the home, are also popular to better utilize the space. As the cost of new homes rise, homeowners are remodeling their existing homes or building room additions and saving money while adding functionality.

​Build America Luxury Homes LLC can make your home live up to your dream, from ideas to execution, we can offer great deals on high quality cabinetry and new appliances. We are the renovation rescue team you can trust to confidently blow out a wall and create new space where none existed before. We clean up as we go to minimize dust. We work around you, so that you won’t have to vacate your home whenever possible. We’ve set up temporary kitchens for families so that their daily routine is not interrupted any more than necessary while the dream kitchen is being built. Your dream remodel starts with contacting us and getting your first consultation!



At Build America Luxury Homes LLC we are here to make your dreams come true. We are a licensed Certified General Contractor with a design/build and remodeling team that can take any construction project and transform it into a masterpiece.

Whatever your style or taste in décor, our skilled staff of designers and craftsmen will work with you to create an environment that’s right for you.

No matter how big or small the project, from a home remodel to new commercial construction, we guarantee it will be a space you will fall in love with.

Build America Luxury Homes Pinellas County, FL
Build America Luxury Homes Pinellas County, FL